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Is it lost forever, or it will happen all over again?

Anytime, Anywhere




1. at no time in the past or at no time in the future.

2. at no time, not at any time, not ever.

3. at no time or moment, on no occasion, not at all (often never before, since, after, yet).

4. not in any circumstances at all, not under any condition.

5. never is used to refer to the past and future and means ‘not’.

6. never (as a noun), in various ad hoc uses (frequently poetic): An instance or occurrence of the word ‘never’; something which exemplifies the idea expressed by the word; a time which never happened; a time which will never happen again.

7. never refers to something that will never recur- never to be reborn.

8. to no extent or degree.

9. to unlimited extent: Never-ceasing, never-ending, never-fading, never-dying.






1. for all future time, for eternity, in perpetuity, permanently, without end, everlastingly, incessantly, always and at all times.

2. a seemingly interminable time, endless period of time, a time that seems to last forever.

3. if you say that something will happen or continue forever, you mean that it will always happen or continue, never come to an end.

4. if something has gone or changed forever, it has gone or changed completely and permanently.

5. colloquial: A very long time, esp. a (seemingly) inordinate amount of time. Also: Unlimited time, plenty of time, eternal time.

6. an endless or seemingly endless time.

7. to an infinite distance or extent; infinitely. Also in hyperbolic use: To an indefinitely great distance or extent in time and space. For all future time and beyond, incessantly; for eternity, in perpetuity. Always and Forever.

8. used to say that a particular situation or state will always exist.

9. limitlessness in terms of continuity, as ordinary people understand time; timelessness, or being unrelated to time; beyond time, transcending time.

10. something eternal, endless, limitless without ever ending.

11. extending to the limit of the future.

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