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/ uncountable & countable; plural lives /

1. energy.

2. a continual change preceding death.

3. emerge from unconsciousness or inactivity.

4. the quality that people, animals or plants have when they are not dead.

5. the state that distinguishes living beings or organisms from inanimate ones.

6. the condition that distinguishes humans, animals, and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, metabolism, functional activity, respond to stimuli, and everlasting change leading to death.

7. the state of functional activity and constant transition peculiar to organised matter, & esp. to the portion of it in constituting a human, animal or plant before death, animate existence, being alive.

8. the series of forms or stages of development that a living being, a plant, an animal, etc. goes through form the beginning of its life to the end; the series of forms of an organism between successive occurrences of a given form, or between coming into existence and death as part of a life cycle.

9. the state of being alive as a human being.

10. the existence of an individual human being or animal, the existence of an individual person.

11. a living person or being.

12. all living things, taken as a whole.

13. active part of existence, and pleasures of the world.

14. the sum or course of human events and activities.

15. the period of time from birth to death, birth to present time, or present time to death.

16. the period between birth and death of a living thing, especially a human being: Someone’s life is the period of time during which they are alive.

17. average period that person at specified age may expect to live; the length of time that sb/ sth lasts.

18. the reminder or extent of one's life.

19. (theology) salvation, regenerate condition, (also eternal, everlasting). Water of life.

20. fresh start, a chance to live after narrowly escaping death (literally or metaphor); death (with reference to the nine lives traditionally attributed to cats).

21. the continuance of being after mortal part cessation.

22. either of the two states of a person’s existence separated by death.

23. any of a number of successive existences in which a soul is held to be reincarnated.

24. endless cycle of personal reincarnations.

25. one of the long series of lives which one might obtain the right circumstances for awakening.

26. part of the continuum of life and death when consciousness may be reborn and quest for enlightenment.

27. the state of existence beyond death.

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