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Would it be fear and if so, could it enrich you and bring happiness?


noun / uncountable; plural infinities /


1. the state or quality of being infinite: The quality or attribute of being infinite or having no limit, boundless, endless, very great, innumerable, not limited by person or number.

2. endless time, space or quantity, something that is infinite; infinite extent, amount, duration, etc.; a boundless space or expanse; an endless or unlimited time.

3. an infinitely or indefinitely great number or amount. A number that is larger than any other number and can never be given an exact value: These permutations multiply toward Infinity. There is always an Infinity of numbers between any two numbers.

4. infinity is a point that is further away than any other point and can never be reached.

5. in hyperbolical use: Immensity, vastness; an indefinitely great amount or number, an exceeding multitude, ‘no end’ (of).

6. (physics) a dimension or quantity of sufficient size to be unaffected by finite variations.

7. (maths) the concept of a value greater than any given numerical value; the reciprocal of zero.

8. (geometry) infinite distance, or that portion or region of space which is infinitely distant: Usually in at infinity.

9. a distant hypothetical point at which two parallel lines are assumed to meet.

10. a destination that is so far away that it cannot be reached.

11. a state that is forever.

12. infinity symbol:



noun / uncountable; plural eternities /


1. eternity is time without an end or a state of existence outside time.

2. a period of time that is endless, time without beginning or end; time lasting for ever.

3. infinite time that never ends or the quality, condition, or fact of being everlasting or eternal.

4. the state of time after death.

5. the timeless state that some people believe they or their soul passes into at a person's death.

6. the condition of timeless existence, believed by some to characterize the afterlife.

7. the state after death: Immortality. 

8. being eternal; immortal; infinite time, past or future.

9. something that always will exist.




noun / uncountable, countable /


1. the form of energy that makes it possible to see things. 

2. the natural agent that stimulates the sense of sight.

3. medium or condition of space in which sight is possible (opposite darkness).

4. appearance of brightness that lets you see things or affords illumination.

5. sensation peculiar to optic nerve.

6. amount of illumination in place.

7. object from which brightness emanates (light of one eyes), Sun or other heavenly body, ignited candle or the like; illuminating place; eminent person or luminary, man of light & leading.

8. Sun’s direct or diffused or reflected rays, daylight.

9. luminous energy, radiant energy; electromagnetic radiation to which the organs of sight react, ranging in wavelength from about 400 to 700 nanometres that travels in a vacuum with a speed of about 299,792 kilometres (186,282 miles) per second, considered variously as a wave, a stream of particles, or a quantum phenomenon.

10. vivacity in person’s eyes; an expression in somebody’s eyes that shows what they might be thinking or feeling.

11. being visible or exposed (come, bring, to light, be revealed, reveal).

12. (plural) a set of principles, standards, or opinions.

13. (plural) facts or discoveries serving to explain subject.

14. (in acrostic puzzles) one of the words whose initial and final letters make up the answer.

15. something that enlightens or informs.

16. one’s natural or acquired mental powers.

17. flame or spark serving to ignite and illuminate, to let the light begin.

18. mental illumination, elucidation (throw, shed, light upon, help to explain), enlightenment by the light of nature, without add of revelation or teaching.

19. window or opening in the surface or consciousness for admission of light.

20. brightness of eternity.

21. illumination of conscience by truth; enlightenment. 

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