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Should you fear your death or the death of what you love?


noun / uncountable & countable; plural deaths /


1. end of life.

2. event that terminates life.

3. the end (of sth).

4. the force that ends life.

5. the termination, destruction, extinction, or the permanent end of something = end.

6. the permanent end of the life of a person or animal.

7. the act or fact of dying; the total and everlasting termination of all life in a person, animal, or plant.

8. dying, final cessation of vital functions; die, the death; as sure as death, quite certain.

9. the definite end of all functions of life in an organism or some of its cellular components. 

10. the complete and irreversible cessation of vital bodily activity, as manifested in humans by the loss of heartbeat, the absence of spontaneous breathing, and brain death.

11. want of spiritual life (everlasting death, damnation); loss or absence of spiritual life.

12. (usually capital letter) by personification of death, usually a skeleton or an old man holding a scythe.

13. ceasing to be, annihilation, personified power that annihilates.

14. a final point of arrival.

15. the end of the body we inhabit in this life.

16. part of the continuum of life and death when consciousness may be reborn.

17. one of the series of many deaths.

18. one of two reoccurring breakthrough stages in endless cycle of personal reincarnations.

19. an opportunity for liberation from the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

20. freedom from the endless cycle of personal reincarnations, with their consequent suffering, as a result of the extinction of individual passion, hatred, and delusion.

21. inevitable part of the cyclic existence; an expression of the vicissitudes of the transmigration in the word of suffering and delusion.

22. intermediate state, period of time between death occurrence and rebirth.

23. intermediate state between death and rebirth.

24. an inherent part of life.

25. the entry point to the state of a person’s existence after mortal life cessation.

26. a change.

27. the new beginning. 

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